Understanding Write Offs

It is the most famous buzz word when you are in business.....The Write-Off.

What does that mean, anyway?  Why is it so darn important that you understand how the write-off can drastically affect how much tax you pay?

There are lots of write offs, and some of them are confusing, such as vehicle, home expenses, and travel.

This chapter will give you a lot of insight on the almighty Write-Off.

Module 8 - Understanding the Write Off

The E-School is a comprehensive course for small home based or one-person-show business owners.

This module is just one of the modules contained in that course.

In this module, you will learn

  • Definition of a write off
  • Why it is important and how it affects your taxes
  • Go through all the different types of write offs you could have
  • Vehicle expenses and writing off your vehicle
  • Home expenses and writing off your house
  • Travel, and how to properly write off trips
  • Office supplies, job supplies, advertising, meals, entertainment, insurance and a whole lot more write offs



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