Business for Newbies - The Book

This is a book that will give you some quick and simple information and a good starting place so that you don’t screw stuff up in the first 3 very delicate years of being in business. 

Just by operating as a business, you have different obligations than you would if you were an employee for someone.

You have different tax obligations and different liabilities. You require a different way of thinking.

Every dollar you make, you have to think about how much money you get to keep.

Everything is just… well… different.

I read “Business for Newbies” over the weekend.  Outstanding stuff!  Job VERY well done.  Congratulations.  I’m looking forward to providing this to my clients who are just starting out in business.  A couple of hours with “Newbies” and a cup of coffee could save them a TON of time, money and grief!  As discussed, please send me 10 copies but frankly, I think I’ll be reordering sooner rather than later!

John Pinsent

CPA, CA, FCA, St. Arnaud Pinsent Steman


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