Fast and quick information for small entrepreneurs who are frustrated by understanding the business, financial, tax a...

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DIY Bookkeeping and Preparing For Your Accountant.

This course will teach you how to organize your shoebox, and how to prepare yourself for the bookkeeping process. In...

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Mastering Your Bookkeeping for Health Providers

Learn how to manage the paperwork required for your industry.  What do you need to keep?  How should you or...

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Bookkeeping for Direct Sellers & Network Marketers

Learn the topics you must know as a direct seller. From vehicles to receipts, we cover it all in this course. Basic ...

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Understanding Write Offs

It is the most famous buzz word when you are in business.....The Write-Off. What does that mean, anyway?  Why i...

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Payroll & Subcontractors

If you are going to hire people to work for you, then you can do so under either employee (payroll) or subcontractors...

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Canada Revenue Agency

No matter how you go into business, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will be involved. This chapter talks about corpo...

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The New Business Startup Guide

If you have just started your new business, then the details of the "how" to do it may be a little overwhelming .... ...

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How to Pay Yourself as the Business Owner

We all go into business to make money. Did you know that you have options how to take your money out of the company?...

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Sole Prop vs Partners vs Incorporated

Here you learn about the concepts and fundamentals about the three main business styles which are sole proprietor, pa...

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First Steps to Take

It can be overwhelming and confusing to know what the first steps are to take when you go into business. It is a com...

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Basic Financial Concepts

You are at the point that you have to understand a little more complicated terminology and how it applies to the fina...

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