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We endeavor to be a constant source of current knowledge about bookkeeping for small business people in simple terms that is easy to understand.

The goal is to educate and support small entrepreneurs through free information, courses, and podcasts.

If you are worried about spam...worry no more.  We protect your email like it is our child.  And to make sure, Canadian Canspam Act makes that a double!

Courses and Webinars

We provide free and paid courses that directly affect small entrepreneurs.  We also have a number of free resources for solopreneurs to use.

Simple Language

If you wanted complicated, then you will have to go search the web! Everything we do is to specific to Canadian bookkeeping, and only for small "at home" businesses.


You might be small, but you are not alone!  We work to develop a sense of community when you take one of our online courses.


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