Mastering Your Bookkeeping for Health Providers

~~ An Easy Learning Video Course ~~

You know that you have to keep track of your paperwork for taxes...the question is how?

Learn how to manage your paperwork, track expenses, GST/HST, and your obligations to Canada Revenue.

This course is built for the tax profile of a massage therapist, teaching you how to do the paperwork properly and keep more of your money in your pocket!



Love what you do
but unsure of the paperwork?

This course will set you on a path for success!

This course was initially designed for massage therapists. Upon popular demand, we realized that it applies to all providers in the health professional world!

If you are providing personal services, then this course is for you!


Basic topics you MUST know as a
massage therapist

How to track your vehicle usage and kms

What expenses you are allowed to claim

The steps to take immediately!

What's important today and what can wait until tomorrow?

How to sort your receipts and file them properly

What does Canada Revenue want from you?

How your taxes are affected

How to keep the money in your household and avoid huge tax bills

How do you know that you are doing it right?

Are you ready to learn?

Easy Learning

Learn at your pace in a relaxed environment with video presentation.  Available 24/7.  Directed at massage therapist industry.

Save money. Less tax.

Find the techniques to keep more money in your pocket and less to the 🧛‍ The Tax Guys
(good old CRA).

Just for Massage

Learn the basics of the paperwork and receipts you need to keep in your industry.  What does all of it mean, and how does it apply to you?


This bookkeeping course is fantastic!  I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to do their own books for their business.  I know it's going to help me a lot to keep my books organized going forward.

~~ Jordan H, Student ~~

Hi Lynn! Just wanted to tell you how fantastic your webinar was. You are inspiring and have made me, (not a numbers girl),totally engaged and empowered! It was so informative, clear and easy to understand. You Rock!!

~~ Katie M., Student ~~


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