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No matter where you are with your business – in the idea stage, your first year, or you’ve been doing it a while, this is a great fit for you!

That’s because, as a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and business owner myself, I’ve not only been where you are and had the same questions, but I’ve answered them for countless of my bookkeeping clients.

E-School takes business owners from just getting by….
….to knowledgeable and empowered!

“Is this course right for me?”

My strength is advising and helping “the little guy”.  Business owners that are solopreneurs, or owners that have a few employees will find the best value in this course.

If you’re in business, or starting out in business, absolutely! I’ve built a successful business before, and now I’m starting a new one, with Entrepreneurial Intelligence. I’m back in the little guy club myself!

It is also a FANTASTIC course for the admin person in your organization, or a new bookkeeper.

The fundamentals of this course apply to anyone trying to run a business.

Regardless of your business size, your obligations to CRA are the same. So, yup! Everything we talk about in the course applies to you…no matter how big or small!

“But just hold onto your skates, there, Lynn. I’m in Canada, eh?”

That’s mighty fortuitous, then, eh! ‘Cause so am I!

One of the biggest struggles I had starting out in business was online research. Finding a killer article with so much good stuff entrepreneurs need to know. I’d read about half of it before seeing IRS and realizing this was intended for U.S. citizens. Sigh.

Entrepreneurial Intelligence was created for Canadian entrepreneurs by a Canadian entrepreneur. Three cheers for no more piecing together random bits of usable information from the internet!

Just the course

Use this option if you just want the online course.  Includes all modules and a learn at your own pace.

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Delivered LIVE with Lynn in a classroom of 10 people or less, this version of the course runs 6 weeks.

I learn better from Lynn

“Can I afford it? That’s the question!”

The reality? It’s probably going to cost you either way. A staggering 80% of businesses go out of business in the first 3 years, often because they didn’t know what they were doing wrong, and the debt became overwhelming. And consulting fees for professionals like me can run more than $150 an hour.

“Well, that bummed me out.”

Hey, when I was struggling to get my bookkeeping business off the ground, it bummed me out, too. I couldn’t AFFORD to be one of the 80%, as a single parent with two mouths to feed. The lack of resources available to me, the questions without answers, the taxes….it all cost me A LOT of sleep.

What I wouldn’t have given back then to have a coach in my corner, let alone an online community of other entrepreneurs – even clueless ones like me at the beginning- who didn’t judge my newbie-ish questions!

This is an investment now for the life of your business. Knowledge and support now so you can avoid paying for costlier mistakes that could jeopardize your business later.

“Okay, I get you. But a course? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

Or do you?

Versatility is the key to learning in today’s hectic world. Take it from me–someone who built a successful bookkeeping firm while single-handedly raising two young daughters—I know how it is. When you’re the company owner, accountant, administrative assistant, AND the employee, how the heck do you have time to learn anything?

Entrepreneurial Intelligence is fully portable, accessible online on any device, from the smartphone to your home PC.

You can listen to the lessons in your car during your commute or on your way to pick up your kids from school.

Or — whip up some popcorn, grab your tablet and marathon your way through all the video lessons. (Disclaimer: I can’t promise you it will be as entertaining as Game of Thrones. But, hey, with the extra profit your business is going to make after taking this course, you can buy the next season on Blu-Ray. Totally worth it!)

Or — you can learn at your pace, with 1-1 support from yours truly! And don’t forget – no matter how you learn, you get access to our Facebook group. It’s a place to connect with other entrepreneurs just like you, ask questions, and learn new tips.

The course is super-easy to navigate, so you don’t have to follow in sequence. Choose the lessons you need to know now and catch up on the others as you wish.

“You had me at popcorn. So, what will I learn?”

Developed for newbie entrepreneurs, as well as small business owners who are frustrated by understanding the business, financial, tax and back-end of their business, my course will give you understanding of the following concepts:

  • Basic business types, such as sole proprietor, incorporation, partnerships
  • First steps to take when you go into business for yourself
  • How to understand how much tax that you will pay, and how to prepare for it
  • How to figure out the Canada Revenue Agency and their jargon
  • How to start payroll, and subcontractors vs. employees
  • Whether you need a bookkeeper or an accountant, or both
  • Easily reading financial statements (profit & loss and balance sheets)
  • How to pay yourself, and the consequences of the different types of payments

“My world is about to change!”

In addition, you’ll have access to webinars, our Facebook community, podcasts, tracking worksheets and more. I’m always thinking of new content and opportunities to help my business owners.

I’m committed to making this the course YOU want. Providing the answers YOU need. Learning about YOUR business. Helping YOU succeed. The more questions you have for me, the merrier, as what you ask helps me tailor new lessons and resources!

So, come on in to class!

I’m ready when you are!

One year from now, you will wish you had started today.

Show me what is in E-School

Let us show you what is inside E-School.

Just the course

Use this option if you just want the online course.  Includes all modules and a learn at your own pace.

Show me the course


Delivered LIVE with Lynn in a classroom of 10 people or less, this version of the course runs 6 weeks.

I learn better from Lynn

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