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Hiring a Subcontractor

cra employee subcontractor Dec 31, 2018

Disclaimer: The purpose of this blog is to provided a general sense of information. Everyone’s situations are unique; there is no one size fits all when it comes to employees, subcontractors, the work they do, labor laws and Canada Revenue Agency obligations. The information provided here is meant to be an introduction to the subject.For more detailed information, please visit CRA publication RC4110 and your local Employment Standards Office. You can also check out my webinar this...

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Trust Exams: What to Expect

cra payroll trust exam Dec 31, 2018

Simply defined, a Trust Exam is when the Canada Revenue Agency sends someone out to look at how you’ve handled your Trust Money – that is, payroll and GST remittances that you’re holding in trust for those government taxes you owe.

Trust Exams are usually triggered for payroll issues, though they can be the result of GST issues as well.


They may be scary, but the you know there are penalties and interest coming.


If a Trust Examiner is sent out, it’s...

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