Best Way to Properly Write off Your Vehicle in Your Business

Your vehicle can be an amazing write off, but only if you use it right!  Eliminate the confusion around the "how" to write off your vehicle.

Hosted by Lynn Webb, she will use over 10 years experience of working with business owners and doing taxes to show you the most beneficial way to write off your vehicle.


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Pay less tax

The vehicle can be an amazing write off that minimizes your taxes, but only if you use it correctly!  Find out how you can make this easier.

Eliminate Confusion

If you are feeling "frozen in confusion" about writing off your vehicle because it is just...well...darn confusing, then this webinar will clear this up for you.

Be Empowered

Know the best way for you to track your vehicle.  Get the right tools for tracking.  Know the "Why" and the "How" of tracking your vehicle.

Is vehicle tracking just sooooo confusing?

Tracking your vehicle is likely the most confusing for business owners.
It doesn't have to be this way.

Do you find that you always forget to write down your trips?

Do you know why tracking is so important?

Do you know how to track?

Do you get confused what electronic tools to use to help you track?

Do you think that "an estimate" at the end of the year is "good enough?"

Do you understand the connection between your vehicle and the amount of taxes you are paying?

We answer these questions (and more!) at our webinar on "All things vehicle write off"
for the small business owner.

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