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This will give you direct coaching with Lynn Webb.  Coaching is done in person, or via Facetime, Skype, or Zoom room.

You can purchase either direct coaching, or group coaching.

Once you have registered, Lynn will reach out directly to you to make an appointment for coaching.

Why get direct coaching from Lynn?

They say no one is an island.
That couldn’t be truer in the world of business. We work with customers, employees, bankers, consultants, even the guy from tech support who really saved our bacon last week. 
And yet, it’s strangely easy to feel completely alone, overwhelmed, and unsure.
Bosses of well-managed businesses that have been around usually have support systems in place – that valuable inner circle of mentors, colleagues, coaches – to provide guidance, advice and strategy when needed.
But what if that’s not you?
What if you’re a shy solopreneur who doesn’t know where to start? 
A small company that’s barely keeping afloat?
An entrepreneur who owes the Canada Revenue Agency and is facing trouble in your business?
A business owner who feels they’re doing okay, but suspects they could be doing something better?
 It can be embarrassing to ask colleagues for advice or to tell others your business is struggling…it can be difficulty to approach more experienced business owners for advice…it can be easy to lose confidence in your dream when you look online at the countless pages of “to do’s” in business and aren’t sure what applies to you.
There seems to be far more information online for U.S. entrepreneurs than for us Canadians. For newcomers to business, the right resources are especially important.
Trust me. I learned the hard way. 
Hi! I’m Lynn Webb, a Canadian girl turned entrepreneur, author, coach, and teacher. 
I’m also a Certified Professional Bookkeeper who started a successful accounting firm in my hometown. I’ve written books for business newbies, and I teach business to University business students. 
My passion for helping new business owners get started, stay successful, and just get out of the red is the reason I created and my E-School. 
From singlehandedly raising to daughters while building my bookkeeping business, I learned all the struggles and endured all the sleepless nights. 
Building a business is a love-hate relationship. There are days you want to pull your hair out, and days you wouldn’t give it up for the world. Put my experience to work for you, so you can have more of those “I love my business” days. 
Whatever your situation – new to business, established and struggling, or you just want to make sure you’ve got everything covered - it would be my pleasure to give you the empowerment you need! 
It doesn’t matter what your business is – home-based artisan, direct seller, subcontractor, incorporated, I’ve worked with self-employed individuals just like you.
Whether you need help getting off the ground, a go-to source of sound advice, a new perspective for a struggling company, I’m ready to stand in your corner.

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