Bookkeeping Health Check


The Health Check is a comprehensive look at your bookkeeping and financial records with the goal of helping you understand the health of your business.

Inquire about the Health Check

Peace of Mind

Make sure you are doing things right, that you have the correct bookkeeping in place, and that you are ultimately paying less tax.

Solve Problems

Easily use your bookkeeping and financials to uncover potential problems, or to get a specific answer about your business.

Pay Less Tax

From how you pay yourself to your corporate tax, the Health Check can help you make good tax decisions with your accountant.

Health Check Options

Decide which package is right for you.


Quick overview

Financial statement quick commentary

Targetted towards specific area or special client needs

Canada Revenue Agency account review

Shareholder withdrawl review

Suggestions for improvement on specified areas

Typically used to get specific answers in your books or a high level review


All of "Targeted"

Cash flow & spending habits

Look for missing write offs

Bookkeeping improvements

Financial statement commentary

Comment on owner habits that affect the business

Summary of taxes owing

Canada Revenue Agency payment plan for the next year

Typically the right plan for small companies or less than 1M in sales


All of "Simple"

Payroll and/or subcontractor analysis

Vehicle usage options

Personal tax information

Review of how process affects financials


Typically the right plan for companies up to 10 employees or 1M in sales

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