DIY Expense Tracker

~~ An online training workshop ~~

You have concepts down, but how do you easily use an accounting software to enter your receipts? 

How do you generate what the accountant really needs for taxes?

Lynn Webb guest appears for DIY Expense Tracker to show you how to use the program that she recommends.


Now that you want to tackle the paperwork, lets be sure to do it right!

Learn to use the easiest accounting software that I can recommend.

Easy Learning

Learn at your pace in a relaxed environment with video presentation. .

Reduce Tax

Find the techniques to keep more money in your pocket and less to the 🧛‍ The Tax Guys
(good old CRA).

Be Empowered

Learn the basics of the paperwork and receipts you need to keep and the simplicity of the program to do it.

Ready to get started?

Excited to start learning?  

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Here's what you will learn

From a Certified Professional Bookkeeper that has done hundreds of business books and coached business owners.

Basic topics you MUST know before you do your own bookkeeping

What expenses you are allowed to claim

How to find write offs you didn't realize you may have had

How your taxes are affected by the work that you are doing

 What information your accountant is looking for

The mistakes your accountant will not notice or catch

How to sort your receipts and file them properly

How do you know that you are doing it right?

Where to turn & who to ask when you don't know what to do

How to track your vehicle usage and kms and properly record fuel receipts

What's important today and what can wait until tomorrow?

How to keep the money in your household and avoid huge tax bills

How CRA and your accountant interprets your books to your tax return



Hi Lynn! Just wanted to tell you how fantastic your webinar was. You are inspiring and have made me, (not a numbers girl),totally engaged and empowered! It was so informative, clear and easy to understand. You Rock!!

~~ Katie M., Student ~~

Learn from a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Tax Professional

Why do this webinar?

Simple.  I have been doing this a LOONNNGGG time!  I have seen it all (I swear) in the tax world.

I see my customers pay too much tax simple because "They didn't know what they were doing was wrong!"

I hit on the most common mistakes.  I give you simple, actionable steps to keep more money.

Honestly, I am a simple Canadian bookkeeper helping out the little guy/gal (my my video on the HOME page!).  This picture is laughing because that is how easy it is sometimes to figure out how to keep more money in your pocket!

E-School Live Workshop

Need more help?  Then consider registering for E-School Live.  Our next course starts October 17, and it is a live online workshop that you can do from the comfort of your home. 

Join myself and other entrepreneurs on the path for learning how to do your own bookkeeping.


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