Bookkeeping for Direct Sellers & Network Marketing


If you are a direct seller/network marketer, you know that the paperwork...the daunting and confusing.

The Tax Guys 🧛‍ (good old CRA) can also take your 💲 away just as quick as you make it!

This free webinar will show you how to deal with the paperwork, the taxes, and everything else in-between

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Hi Lynn! Just wanted to tell you how fantastic your webinar was. You are inspiring and have made me, (not a numbers girl),totally engaged and empowered! It was so informative, clear and easy to understand. You Rock!!

~~ Katie M., Student ~~










Learn from a pro

Working with Lynn, she has seen tons of customers in direct selling.

Get the straight goods from someone who has been doing this a very long time!

Easy Learning

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Learn from a Certified Professional Bookkeeper and Tax Professional

Why watch this webinar?

Simple.  I have been doing this a LOONNNGGG time!  I have seen it all (I swear) in the tax world.

I see my customers pay too much tax simple because "They didn't know!"

This webinar  s designed to get you started on simple, easy, tips that are focused to a direct seller.

I hit on the most common mistakes.  I give you simple, actionable steps to keep more money.

Honestly, I am a simple Canadian bookkeeper helping out the little guy/gal (my my video on the HOME page!).  This picture is laughing because that is how easy it is sometimes to find hidden money!


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