Bring Your Shoebox Workshop

If you are staring at your shoebox of receipts just wondering what to do with it, then this workshop is for you!

Saturday, March 9 at 9:00am - 4:00pm



King's College
9125 - 50 Street
Edmonton, AB 


What You Will Learn

Not knowing how to do your books is stressful. This workshop is hands-on to get your shoebox sorted and off your desk.
Yes, you will truly bring your shoebox and we will work through how to attack it so that you can get your business books and taxes done.

Proper Bookkeeping Basics

Learn the basics you need to know, such as bookkeeping methods, and proper tax preparation.  We discuss choosing supports, such as accountants and bookkeepers.

Sorting and Organizing

Learn the proper way to sort your shoebox, and how to organize your receipts.  Match your items against bank and credit card statements.

Accounting Program

You will optionally be given access to accounting software, DIY Expense Tracker, where you can now enter your receipts and prep for your accountant.


Bookkeeping Basics

There are a few different ways to approach bookkeeping, and each way has a different result on your taxes. From cash to accrual, we cover the very basics so that you can pick the style that is most to your tax advantage.


Sort the Shoebox

Your bookkeeping style will determine the best way to sort.  You will get time to actually do some sorting, and ask your questions along the way, ensuring you get it right!


Enter into Accounting Software

We use DIY Expense tracker for small businesses. This is a no-nonsense receipt tracking software that is simple and easy for small business owners.  If you already have purchased another accounting software, we can also get you started in that as well.  Set up a free trial at


“You are inspiring and have made me (not a numbers girl), totally engaged and empowered!  It was so informative, clear and easy to understand. You Rock!!”
— Katie M

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