Top 8 Reasons Businesses Fail

Join Lynn, Certified Professional Bookkeeper, business coach & entrepreneur, as she shares the reasons why businesses don’t survive – and offers solutions to help you avoid the pitfalls.

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Of how these mistakes effect your businesses future


You may be in the process of making now


About those inklings we all get when we know we're courting risk


No one plans to make mistakes. Some take us so completely by surprise because we were sure we were doing everything right. Other times, we hear that little voice of our better judgment warning us when we know better. The warnings are easy to ignore when trouble seems far off, and maybe it won’t come at all. Every business owner who’s had the misfortune of going under either knew they were doing something wrong and didn’t –or couldn’t –take action, or they had no idea anything was even amiss.

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Join me as I share the mistakes I’ve seen my clients make – or learned the hard way myself. You’ll either leave the webinar with the assurance you’re avoiding these pitfalls, or with the opportunity to recognize them and correct your course. Will you take action? Or take your chances?


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